How to Have a Natural Birth1



Determine whether a natural birth is possible for you.,
Consider the benefits of natural birth.,
Know the risks of natural birth.,
Keep in mind that medical interventions may be necessary in certain situations.

Natural childbirth is not always an option. Certain health conditions, such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, may make a natural birth more difficult or risky for you.If you have a high-risk pregnancy, consult a medical professional about your ability to have a natural birth. In some cases, you may be able to give birth naturally as long as you are monitored for complications.;
, Arming yourself with the positive reasons for having a natural birth can help keep you motivated throughout the birth process. Some of the reasons that you may want to consider a natural childbirth include:A natural birth can save both you and your baby from the stress and unpleasant side effects of medication, surgery, and physical intervention. Many women who are guided through a natural birth also report less pain, anxiety, confusion, and stress than women undergoing births with medical intervention.
Natural birth can provide a more personal experience that focuses on the overall well-being of mother and baby.
Because you will be fully aware during the birth, you may remember it better and be able to enjoy it more.
Having a natural birth reduces the chances that you will need a Cesarean section.
Women who have natural births also tend to recover faster.

, Although natural births have long been the norm, natural birth may put you at an elevated risk for complications.Natural birth may pose some danger to you if you have other health conditions, if you are not attended by a health professional, if you are not in proximity to a medical facility in case of emergency, and if the baby presents in a difficult position.
Remember that it’s okay if you end up deviating from your plan and do not achieve natural child birth. There is no shame in this and it is not a failure. The most important thing is doing what is best for you and your baby, and at times this may mean not doing natural birth.

, Even with careful planning and the best prenatal care, situations may arise during childbirth that require medical interventions. Some reasons why medical intervention may be necessary include:Misplaced placenta (placenta previa)
Active herpes infection or HIV infection
Previous C-section deliveries
Baby will not tolerate labor
Induction of labor for the health of the mother or the baby

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