How to Get Your Partner Involved in Your Pregnancy1



Invite your partner to each doctor’s appointment.,
Let your partner touch your belly regularly.,
Give your partner daily updates on how you’re feeling.,
Have a talk about sex during pregnancy.,
Ask your partner for help with everyday tasks.

While every prenatal appointment isn’t going to be extremely exciting, it’s important that your partner is invited to all of them. Encourage them to accompany you to as many as they can. This is an easy way for them to feel connected to you, your pregnancy, and the health of your baby.Give your partner a copy of your appointment schedule. If they use a digital calendar, try adding the appointments to their schedule.;
, A great way to involve your partner in your pregnancy is to foster physical bonding among you, your partner, and the baby. Encourage your partner to sing or talk to the baby on a regular basis.Try making a regular ritual of it by asking your partner to sing or talk to the baby before bed each night.

, Chances are your partner has never been pregnant before and might have difficulty relating to what you’re going through. One way to involve them in the daily experience of pregnancy is to update them on how you’re feeling emotionally and physically. This can foster empathy, understanding, and deeper bonding between the two of you.

Make sure you ask your partner how they are feeling as well, and take time to really listen to what they’re saying. This is a new and exciting time for both of you!

, Chances are you and your partner will have questions about having sex while you are pregnant. Explore the topic together by reading about it, doing online research, and talking to your doctor. This will help you both feel more comfortable about having sex while you are expecting., Being pregnant means you might not be able to do daily activities with ease. Instead of struggling to vacuum or put the groceries away, ask your partner for help with these tasks. This will contribute to a feeling of involvement for your partner and ease the burden on you and your body.

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