How to Get Ready for Bed Quickly3



Make yourself as comfortable as possible.,
Make sure your bedroom is completely dark.,
Take any sleep medications at the appropriate time.

The last steps you take before getting to sleep are getting your mind to a relaxed enough state to wind down for the night. If you aren’t comfortable in bed, you’re more likely to take a long time to fall asleep.

Depending on what you like to wear, your pajamas can be loose or tight, soft or stiff. The only thing that matters is that your pajamas are the most comfortable thing in your wardrobe.
Make sure your bedroom is cool without being too cold.
Shop around for the right pillows, mattress, and bedding that fits your tastes. If some aspect isn’t quite right, try a different item if you can.
Don’t overlook your auditory comfort. If you’re sensitive to noise, even minor disturbances can keep you up all night. Run a fan or white noise machine to mask intrusive sounds.

, The most important aspect of the bedroom for most people is to shut out as much light as possible. Light can trick us into thinking it’s daytime, stalling our sleep cycle.

The exception to this rule is a small light for reading that you can easily turn off while lying down. You can use either a lamp with a low-watt bulb on your nightstand or a small book light.
If there is a light outside your bedroom window that is too bright, consider installing blackout curtains. The same strategy can be used if you work nights and are forced to sleep while the sun is still up.

, If your doctor has directed you to take a nightly sleep aid, it’s important to take your medication at the right time each night.

There are a wide variety of sleep medicines on the market, each with their own optimal dosing time.
Some people react differently to medications and may need to take a sleep aid at a non-standard time.
Fast-acting medications, which includes most prescription sleep aids, should generally be taken right before you climb into bed.Depending on your reason for taking melatonin, you may be advised to take it anywhere from one to five hours before bed.

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