How to Get Pregnant with Ulcerative Colitis2



Understand the importance of monitoring your fertility.,
Use the calendar or rhythm method.,
Try the basal body temperature method.,
Consider the cervical mucus method.,
Buy an ovulation prediction test kit.,
Identify the presence of Mittelschmerz.

A woman should determine first whether she is fertile or not before engaging in sexual intercourse through the following methods :

, This is applicable for women with 26 to 32 days of menstrual cycle. If a woman has 2 longer or shorter cycles within a year, then it will be ineffective or she may want to choose another method.In this method, a woman will count the first day of vaginal bleeding as day 1. Then days 8 to 19 are considered as fertile days or the woman is ovulating.
This is the perfect time for a woman to engage in sexual intercourse.

, You need a special thermometer called basal body thermometer for this method. The baseline body temperature of a woman is the baseline reading you obtain when you get up first thing in the morning.The basal body temperature changes throughout a woman’s cycle because hormone levels fluctuate. During the first half of the cycle, estrogen dominates. In the second half (once ovulation has occurred), there is a surge in the level of progesterone. This hormone leads to a sudden increase in the body temperature as it gets the uterus ready for a fertilized and implantable egg.
The bottom line is the basal body temperature is in its lowest point at ovulation and will dramatically rise (about half a degree) as soon as ovulation happens. You can chart your basal body temperature for about a month or two.
Notice the days wherein there are sudden rise in your body temperature, for this could be the perfect time for you to engage in sex and increase your chance of getting pregnant.

, As a woman gets closer to ovulation, the cervical mucus becomes more copious in amount, but it is now thinner, clearer and slippery in consistency that is similar to an egg white. Women normally discharges cervical mucus which may get into contact with their underwear.To test this method, get the cervical mucus and try to stretch it between your fingers. If you are able to pull it into a string about 1 or 2 inches (2.5 or 5.1 cm) before it breaks, then this is a sign of impeding ovulation.
Once ovulation happens, the woman may either become dry again or may develop thicker discharge. You can chart the days where you are most likely to ovulate for you to pinpoint the days to engage in sex.

, This can be purchased at a drugstore near you and perhaps considered as the most comfortable of all methods. The test detects a sudden rise in luteinizing hormone (LH) in the urine which means that the ovary is ready to release the egg.

Ovulation prediction test kits usually has 5 to 7 sticks. Several days of testing (one week will do) is needed to detect a surge in luteinizing hormone. The specific time of month to start testing depends how on the menstrual cycle’s length. For example, for most women, the normal cycle is 28 days.
You will need to begin the test on day 11, the 11th day after the start of the period. To do this, you will need to urinate on the test stick. This can also be done by soaking the test stick into the urine collected into a sterile container.
The test stick will display a plus or positive sign (some may change color; this depends on the ovulation kit’s manufacturer instructions). A positive result indicates that a woman should ovulate in the next 24 to 36 hours, which is the right time for you to engage in sex.

, This is a German word for middle pain. The body will send a twinge of sharp pain or a series of cramps to one side of the lower abdominal area (this is the side that a woman is ovulating).This shows that the egg is already matured and it is now released by the ovary. If this happens, you can engage in sexual intercourse.

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