How to Get Over Morning Sickness2



Learn to avoid triggers.,
Move slowly.,
Get plenty of rest.,
Adjust your computer.,
Get some fresh air.,
Distract yourself.,
Carry a survival kit.,
See a doctor.

It’s not just the smell of food that can trigger your nausea, you need to watch out for non-food triggers as well. According to, “a warm or stuffy room, the smell of heavy perfume, a car ride, or even certain visual stimuli, like flickering lights, might trigger your nausea.”Make a mental note every time your nausea is triggered, then you can make a conscious effort to avoid that trigger moving forward.

, Sudden movements can jolt your stomach and bring on a fresh wave of nausea, so try to move as slowly and carefully as possible. Take your time getting up in the morning – nibble a cracker while still lying down, move gently into a sitting position, then stay seated for a few minutes before standing up. Pace yourself throughout the day, don’t overexert yourself.

Set your alarm clock a half hour earlier than usual to give yourself plenty of time in the mornings.
Try putting a little stool or seat in the shower, so you can avoid feeling light-headed.

, Sometimes the easiest and simplest solution is just to stop and give your body a break for a while. Try lying down, closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths, and just getting some rest. Many women find that sleep is a great way to escape morning sickness – and it might be just what your body needs!If you already have a kids, bring a babysitter in, even if it’s just for an hour or two, so you can catch up on some long overdue R&R.
Having trouble nodding off during the day? Try wearing a sleep mask or putting on a pair of dark sunglasses to block out bright light.

, You may think that surfing the web will help take your mind off morning sickness, but the computer’s bright screen and undetectable strobe effect may make you more nauseated. To combat that, try adjusting your screen to reduce eye strain.

Try changing the font size to make it bolder and larger, and change the desktop background to a soft pink or tan.
You should also take short breaks from the computer as frequently as possible — you can do this by getting up and moving around or simply by closing your eyes., Escape from the stuffy indoors and head outside for some fresh air and light exercise. Breathe deeply through the nose, then exhale through the mouth. Clean, country or seaside air is best, but your garden or a nearby park will also do nicely.

If you’re stuck indoors, try opening a window to let the stale air out and the fresh air circulate.

, Nausea can be difficult to ignore, but finding something to take your mind off it – even for a little while – can help. Read a magazine, call a friend, or go for a short walk. Light exercise, such as yoga or gentle swimming may also help to ease nausea, but you should get any exercise plans approved by your doctor first. It’s also important to listen to your body — if you start feeling tired or more queasy, it’s time to stop., It’s a smart idea to put together a little survival kit for yourself for those emergency situations when you’re not at home. Pack a toothbrush and toothpaste, some mints and a clean blouse. You could also include a snack such as crackers or pretzels, and a plastic bag for when you just can’t make it to a restroom on time., If you just can’t seem to find any relief from your morning sickness, go to see your doctor. Ask about anti-nausea medications, which can help ease or eliminate your suffering. A small percentage of women may also develop a condition known as hyperemesis gravidarum, which is an extreme form of morning sickness which causes extreme dehydration and weight loss. If you think you may be at risk, contact your health care provider immediately.Some anti-nausea medications may not be covered under insurance plans and can be costly – so consider the expense before getting a prescription.

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