How to Get Enough Iron During Pregnancy3



Talk to your doctor before taking an iron supplement.,
Determine the amount of iron you need.,
Be aware of the risks of too much iron.,
Recognize the symptoms of anemia.

Your doctor will more than likely put you on a prenatal vitamin when you first get pregnant. These generally contain around 30 mg of iron. As long as you eat iron-rich foods and take your prenatal vitamin, you will not need to take an extra iron supplement. Always talk to your doctor before taking an iron supplement.

You will probably not be advised to take an iron supplement unless you develop anemia.

, Pregnant women need more iron than women who are not pregnant. When you are pregnant, you need around 27 mg of iron per day. This amount can be averaged out over a few days or week instead of trying to hit 27 mg each day.For non-pregnant women, the recommended daily amount is 18 mg.

, You can get too much iron. This generally occurs from your prenatal vitamin or if you take an extra iron supplement. Too much iron can cause problems for you and your baby, such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, or even miscarriage.Make sure to only take iron supplements if you are told to by a doctor. Iron supplements can cause negative side effects during pregnancy, such as constipation or nausea.

, Not getting enough iron during pregnancy can lead to anemia. Severe anemia during pregnancy can cause problems for you and your baby, and lead to your baby being premature or having a low weight at birth. Symptoms of anemia include:Fatigue
Cold hands and feet
Rapid heartbeat
Trouble concentrating
Shortness of breath or feeling lightheaded
Pale skin
Chest pain

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