How to Fall Asleep by Having Someone Else Hypnotize You2



Allow yourself to get drowsy.,
Start falling asleep.,
Be aware it might not always work.

Once you are in a hypnotic state, you should feel very relaxed and drowsy, like you’re about to fall asleep for a nap. Go with the feeling as you allow yourself to be verbally guided by your hypnotist to places in your imagination.

At this point your partner should be quietly waiting for you to drift off to sleep. He or she should leave the room when you seem to be in a relaxed, drowsy state. Further intervention could keep you awake.

, After establishing your mind in a visualized comfort zone and you feel that your mind is in fact disconnecting from your body, you’re ready to begin falling asleep. The anxious thoughts that might have bothered your mind without hypnosis have been silenced, and as a result, it is likely your dreams will be less disturbing and your sleep will be deeper.

If you’re doing this in the evening, your body will already be feeling the need for sleep. Do not fight this feeling! It is an indication that the hormone melatonin is being released into your body, a facilitator in falling asleep.Stage one of sleep includes dozing off because our brain waves and muscle activity are slowing down.Hypnosis pairs perfectly with this stage because you are purposefully slowing down your brain activity and telling your muscle activity to cease.
Understand that our bodies don’t switch on and off between sleeping and wakefulness. It takes time for your brain to gradually shut down. That is why you are undergoing hypnosis.

, If you struggle with insomnia, hypnosis might take some time to work. If you are not a highly hypnotic person, it may also take a few days of practice before you are willing to let go and get into a trance.

If you follow a sleep routine, your body will learn to take its cues from your activities. Your brain will trigger sleep hormones and be more willing to fall asleep.
If you don’t have a hypnosis partner every night, you can walk yourself through some of the guided imagery alone, such as getting to your favorite place and doing the breathing exercises.

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