How to Calm Your Imagination Before Sleep4



Reduce the amount of light in your room.,
Reduce caffeine intake.,
Go to sleep when you’re actually tired.,
Use your bed only for sleep.

One reason your imagination may be active is because of the amount of light in your room. Light at night, and while you’re trying to sleep, throws your body’s natural circadian rhythm off. Turn off all lights when you are sleeping. This includes electronics. Lights can confuse your body and mind, making your mind work overtime. Start dimming the lights an hour before bed so your body starts producing melatonin.

If you need a little light at night, go for red lights instead of blues. Blue tones increase energy and attentiveness, which disrupts sleeping patterns,Avoid looking at bright screens for 2-3 hours before bed.
If you can’t get away from the light, try wearing an eye mask.

, Caffeine is a stimulant. Drinking too much caffeine too close to bedtime can make your mind and imagination work overtime. Try limiting the amount of caffeine you drink throughout the day, or don’t drink so much tea close to bedtime.

, One reason your imagination may run away with you and keep you up at night is because your body and mind aren’t actually tired. Staying in bed and tossing and turning just causes your imagination to keep working. Instead of lying there and being frustrated at your mind, get up and go to another room. Do a relaxing activity for 20 minutes, like light reading or listening to calming music. Then return to bed.

, When your imagination is in overdrive, don’t lie in bed tossing and turning. This makes your body start to believe that the bed is a place to think and be mentally awake. Instead, move yourself to another room.

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