How to Calm Your Imagination Before Sleep2



Count something.,
Picture an object or scene.,
Recite lyrics or quotes.,
Create a story in your mind.

Imagine a scene where you are being swept off to sleep. Maybe you are a leaf on the wind, maybe you are walking into a pool of fog, or maybe you are sinking down in a soft cloud. Visualizing scenes like this can help focus your imagination and draw it away from distracting, emotional thoughts.

, Engaging your mind in repetitive mental exercises can help you fall asleep. Sheep are very popular for this purpose, but almost anything will do, as long as you can picture it clearly and keep counting.This repetition and refocusing can help quiet your imagination.

, This is another mental exercise that can distract your brain and help promote sleep. Go through the alphabet and think of items in a single category, A to Z.

For example, you could list fruits or animal names from A to Z, such as aardvark, bumblebee, crayfish, dog and so on.

, Focus on a very specific object, like a box. Think about the color of the object, the shape, the size, what it looks like from each side, and its use. Or try walking yourself through a scene. For instance, imagine that you’re riding a bike. Picture a particular route in your neighborhood that you frequently walk, drive, or bike. Imagine you are biking along this road, and think of it at exactly the same pace as it would take if you were actually on a bike.

While you are biking, have a look around and imagine all the streets, houses, shops, and other things that you pass along the road. Try to remember as many small details as possible., Another mental exercise that might distract your imagination is reciting the lyrics to your favorite song or quoting your favorite movie. Repeat the lyrics over and over, like a mantra. This helps focus your brain on something repetitive so that your imagination can calm down and let you sleep.

Try recreating a familiar movie from any point in your mind. Follow through the plot, think about the dialogue, and try to focus on specific details from the movie., Come up with a story to occupy your mind. Create a character, or use a familiar character. Tell a story in your mind about what happens to this character. Focus on details, like what the character is wearing, what the room looks like, and what they are doing.

If you can’t think of a story, use yourself. Walk yourself through your favorite hobby. Imagine that you are sailing a boat around a lake or decorating a new room.

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