How to Calm Your Imagination Before Sleep1



Establish a pre-sleep routine.,
Write down what’s on your mind.,
Breathe out of your left nostril.,
Listen to relaxing music.

It’s difficult to calm your imagination and your mind if you are going until you try to fall asleep. Keeping your body and mind active before bed makes it nearly impossible to shut it off so you can sleep. To help this, establish a pre-sleep routine. This helps wind your body down so that it and your mind is relaxed when you finally crawl into bed. Plus, routine helps your body know what’s coming when you do those activities or when it’s that time of day. Start your routine at least 30 minutes you plan on falling asleep.Try reading, doing light stretches or yoga, listening to relaxing music, or watching some light, calming television.;
, One way to help calm your imagination is to write down what’s in your head before bed. Keep a journal by your bed. An hour or so before bed, write down the thoughts whirling through your head. Try to be as detailed as possible. Think about emptying your head of any thoughts so it will be clear when you go to bed.

This can also work with any anxieties. This can help you get out your worries before bed so you’re not lying there and stressing., Breathing out of only your left nostril is supposed to help relax your sympathetic nervous system.This can calm your mind and imagination and help you fall asleep.

Close your right nostril with the thumb of your right hand. Breathe in slowly and deeply through your left nostril. Hold, then exhale. Repeat, letting the tension release from your body as you calm your mind., Engaging in a calming activity, like reading, before bed can help the body start to relax as it prepares for sleep.Since you don’t want to stimulate your imagination too much, make sure to read a book that won’t get your adrenaline or mind racing. Try something fun and soothing, or something you have read before.

, Take up meditation. Try meditation before you go to sleep. Meditation calms the mind, and some types of meditation teach you how to clear your mind completely. Try these tricks when you’re starting:

Concentrate on each breath you take. Breathe slowly and enjoy each breath. Concentrate on how good it feels to be able to breathe. When you slow your breathing, this tends to slow your heart rate as well, which ultimately calms you down.
Clear your head of all thoughts and focus on how good it feels to have your mind completely empty. If a thought comes into your mind, refocus, and just relax.
Clear your head by throwing away the thoughts that keep you awake. Imagine a garbage bag. Lift up the predominant thought that keeps you awake from your head, and imagine that you put it in the bag. Now that this thought is out of your head, you can notice a previous thought popping up in your head. Throw this in the bag as well. Keep doing this until your head feels clear of thoughts. Then, tie up the bag and throw the bag as far away as you can imagine. You have now let go of the things that keep you awake, and you are ready to start falling asleep.
Try progressive muscle relaxation. Starting at your feet or your head, single out each muscle group. Tense that muscle group, then relax it., If your imagination won’t calm down, try turning on some relaxing music. This helps keep your mind from focusing on what is in your head and more on the music which in turn relaxes you. Make sure you listen to the music at a low volume. Listen to music that is soothing, like instrumental.

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