How to Write a Note to a Boy You Like



Be honest with what you want.,
Structure your note like a poem.,
Use quotes.,
Compliment him.,
Add an inside joke.,
Include a personal gift.,
Pick your paper.,
Fold the note into a heart.,
Embellish the envelope with stickers or stencils.,
Paint the envelope with watercolors.,
Give him the note in the hallway.,
Stick the note in his locker.,
Send the note electronically.,
Send the note anonymously.

If you really like this boy, tell him that. Figure out what you want this note to achieve. Do you want him to give you his number so you can text him? Ask for his number in your note. Do you want to hang out with him after school? Ask him to come over to your house to watch a movie. Figure out what you want to achieve with your note and writing it will become so much easier.

Be honest with yourself as well. Don’t tell him it’s okay if he doesn’t like you, you’re okay with just being friends if that’s not true. Make sure whatever you put in your note is truthful, otherwise you’re starting off on the wrong foot.
It’s also okay to say you don’t know what to say. Telling him “I don’t know how to tell you this, but I really like you” is very endearing and he’ll be flattered that you were even brave enough to try.;
, There’s no right way to tell someone you like them, so you can feel free to be as creative as you want. Try writing a poem to let him know how you feel.Your poem doesn’t have to rhyme if you don’t want it to. There are many different types and lengths of poems, so fool around and see which one feels right for you.
If all else fails, go back to the classics. You can’t go wrong with a little “Roses are red, violets are blue, this poem is stupid, but I still like you.”

, If you have trouble putting what you feel into your own words, use somebody else’s. Include a quote from your favorite movie or book or add a song lyric that makes you think of him. It doesn’t matter what you say, as long as he gets the idea that you like him., Use your note to express things you might be embarrassed to say in person. Compliment his hair or his clothes or his personality; whatever it is that makes him attractive to you, tell him. Even if he decides that he’s not interested in you, he’ll still appreciate the compliments.

, If you and your crush are already friends, chances are you have at least one inside joke. Include that joke in your note; these details are unique and specific to your relationship and he’ll appreciate that you thought to include it., Your love letter doesn’t just have to be a letter. If you feel self-conscious explaining yourself in words, try explaining yourself in song. Make your crush a mixed CD or playlist of all the songs that make you think of him.If you’re artistic, draw him a picture of you and him together.

Whatever you decide to give him, make sure you include some kind of note with your name on it. You wouldn’t want to give him a gift and make him guess where it’s coming from.
The note with your gift doesn’t have to be highly detailed. It can be as simple as To Jack, From Jill. The gift is what you’re explaining yourself with, so the note accompanying it can be very low-key.

, Before you can even start writing your letter, you need to decide what stationary to use. Notebook paper is always a safe option, but it’s not the only one. If you recently went on a trip with your family, use a postcard from that location.Or if you have special stationary that you really love, use that instead.

, To do this, write your note on a 6” by 6” piece of paper (or any square-shaped paper). Fold the paper twice over so your paper is divided into four equal quadrants. Fold the top point down to meet the crease in the center. Fold the bottom point up so it touches the top point. Fold your right side to meet the crease in the center and then do the same with the left side. Flip the heart over and fold the top points down., If you’re passing your note in an envelope, feel free to gussy up the envelope as well. You can add stickers or use stencils to write your crush’s name out. If you want to be funny, try cutting out your crush’s name using letters from a magazine and taping them to the envelope so it looks like a ransom note.

Keep in mind that he might not like stickers as much as you do. Less is usually more when it comes to decorating your note, unless you want the note to look over-the-top on purpose.
If the note is serious in tone, it’s probably best to keep it simple: just write his name in plain letters on the envelope.

, To make your envelope a little more colorful and fun, try painting it. To do this, all you will need is your envelope, some paint and a brush. Try painting wavy lines in different colored stripes.When painting, make sure to keep your brush flat and drag it across the surface.
Let the envelope dry before you put your letter inside.

, If you frequently pass your crush in the halls, plan on giving him the note during that time. You won’t have too much time before you have to get to your next class, so you won’t have to worry about standing around and talking awkwardly.

If you’re too nervous or anxious to pass the note yourself, give it to a friend to pass on. Make sure you choose a friend that you trust, just in case they decide to read the note themselves and tell others what it says.
You could also give him the note in class. He’ll probably be thrilled to have something to do (other than focusing on the lesson and studying, of course). Just make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. You don’t want your teacher to find it and confiscate it, or worse, read the note out loud.

, If you don’t want to give the note directly to your crush and you feel weird asking someone else to do it, slide the note through the slots in his locker. Just make sure you’re putting the note in the right locker.

, If you feel that you couldn’t possibly give your note at school, try sending it through e-mail. Some people believe that e-mail is not romantic, but that’s actually not the case.As long as you’re being honest and sharing your feelings, your crush won’t really care how you send them over.

You can also send your note as a text or Facebook message. Whatever medium you feel most comfortable using, do that.

, If you’re absolutely convinced that you couldn’t possibly send your crush a letter with your name on it, try leaving your name off. Your crush won’t know who his secret admirer is, but some people like a mystery. Just know that if you want to actually pursue a relationship with your crush, you’re going to have to come clean about it eventually.

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