How to Write a Love Letter to a Girl You Do Not Know



State exactly how you feel.,
Focus on the recipient.,
Use your own voice.,
Say how this person has affected you.

As you move forward in the letter, be upfront about your feelings. A love letter is not the place to be shy. Tell the girl why you admire her and what qualities about her most intrigue you. Go into specifics when possible. You may not know a lot about this person, but mention small things about her that you love. For example, maybe you think the buttons she has on her purse are hilarious. Maybe you notice she listens to a particular band on her headphones that you also enjoy.

Be upfront about why you’ve never approached her in person. While many people enjoy anonymous love letters, there is always the risk of coming off the wrong way. You don’t want the recipient to feel like she’s being watched. It can help if you assure her, at some point, you’re a relatively normal person who happens to feel more comfortable expressing feelings in writing.There are a variety of reasons you may prefer writing a love letter. You could be shy, for example, and find expressing yourself easier in words. Maybe you only see her when she’s at work and don’t want to bother her. Whatever you reason, make sure you state it early on. You want to make sure the recipient understands why you chose a letter over simply talking to her. This way, you can help avoid potential confusion or discomfort.Returning to the example of the girl you know in algebra class, you may hesitate to approach her because you’re shy. You could write something like, “I always want to talk to you in person. However, I’m very shy by nature. Now that we’re halfway through the semester, I’m worried I’ll never get the courage together. So, I decided to write you a letter.”

, Oftentimes, people end up inadvertently talking about themselves in a love letter. While you should certainly talk about your own feelings, make sure to focus primarily on the recipient. As you write the letter, express what you like about this person. If you admire that she’s always listening to Elliot Smith on her headphones, say so. However, do not go on a 3 paragraph anecdote about your own admiration for Smith.Use specifics when possible. If you’re writing to a relative stranger, specifics may be hard. However, small things go a long way. Do you love the coconut-like smell of her shampoo? Do you enjoy how she laughs to herself during downtime at the coffee shop? Do you remember a comment she made in class that was particularly insightful?
Let’s return to the algebra class example. You could write something like, “I notice you’re always listening to Elliot Smith. I am a big fan of his as well. I’m impressed by how drawn in you seem to the music. You seem to have an intense appreciation for art.”

, You don’t have to write in a lofty, elevated style if it doesn’t come naturally to you. The primary purpose of a love letter is to express your feelings in a way that makes the recipient feel good about herself. The best way to do this is to simply be yourself and use your own words. This will sound more authentic and sincere when expressed in a way that feels natural to you. Do not get hung up on inserting elaborate metaphors or dramatic declarations of your admiration into your writing. Instead, focus on simply being yourself and speaking in your own voice., As you near the end of your letter, tell the person how their presence has affected you. The girl you’re writing to may be flattered to know she made an impact on your life. Talk about how she makes your days better and why you appreciate her.This may be something small, as you don’t know this girl yet. However, even a small impact can be flattering. For example, maybe you always look forward to your 8AM British Literature seminar simply because you enjoy the contributions this girl makes to class.
Returning to are example, you could write something like, “I know it sounds silly, but getting to see you each day makes me a bit more enthusiastic about going to algebra. I’ve never been a math person, but seeing you is a small treat that makes class more bearable.”

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