How to Write a Love Letter to a Boy You Do Not Know



Know what type of boy he is.,
Find out the boy’s name and write “Dear (insert name)” at the top of the page.,
Talk about what you like about him and a little about yourself.,
Try to use good spelling and grammar.,
Sign it “Love, (insert your name here)”.,
Try putting a picture of yourself in the card.,
Put it in something noticeable like a purple envelope, or something more discreet if you think he’ll find it embarrassing, and have a friend give it to him or put it in his locker.,
If you’re the confident type, find him, walk straight up to him and hand it to him with a smile.

Is the boy popular? A nerd? An introvert? You should find out what he’s like so that you can choose your words and ideas accordingly. You wouldn’t want to write the wrong thing to him and he probably wouldn’t forget it easily if you did.

You could investigate what type of boy he is by walking casually pass by him and overhearing conversations. But don’t appear stalkerish– that can scare boys off entirely.;
, Make sure to address him by his first name or his nickname. Last names are too formal for a love letter. Don’t use names like “cutie” or he might freak out. ‘Cutie’ makes it seem like you are literally obsessed with him, which can seem frightening.

, Make sure to talk about both him and you equally. You don’t want to come off as egotistic by talking about your own life too much. But still, pour out your feelings towards him. Don’t forget to introduce yourself a little bit because he probably doesn’t know you. Most importantly, be yourself. It would be awful if he loved you for who he thought you were, not who you really were.

, Every guy loves to see that the person who is writing them is intelligent and careful. You could ask someone you trust very deeply to help you out with your spelling and grammar.

, If you wish to remain anonymous, leave your name out whilst hinting him at who you are. Don’t sign it anything out of place or too girly because he might just as well freak out. For instance, do not say, ‘Be mine forever’ or ‘I love you!’ A simple ‘love’ will do.

, Pick a picture that you think represents who you are well. This is optional as you might not want to reveal yourself too early. If you do not want to reveal yourself, consider drawing, painting, or writing something for him. If this is not ideal for you, maybe give him a picture of something that represents you: for instance, cats if you really like cats.

, If you don’t know what his locker number is, you could also investigate by casually looking around to see where his position when using his locker usually is. Don’t ask his friends because they will probably straight out tell him that some girl was curious about his locker number. Neither should you ask your friend because they might go annoy or tease you about it.

, Don’t talk too much to him, you will have plenty of time for that later. If you want to hear his reaction, but don’t want to be seen, you can round a corner and hide there to listen, but that might seem a bit creepy.

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