How to Write a Bedtime Story



Identify publishers who print bedtime stories.,
Submit your manuscript professionally.,
Include a query letter with your manuscript.,
Be realistic.

The Children’s Book Council is a nonprofit trade group of children’s book publishers in North America. Their Website has a list of publishers and information on the audiences and genres of the books they publish.The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators also has information about publishers of children’s literature.You can also find out who published children’s books you enjoyed reading at the library or bookstore.

, When you’ve identified potential publishers, read their submission guidelines and follow them specifically and completely. The easiest way to get your manuscript rejected is to haphazardly submit your work and not follow the guidelines.

Some publishers may only want an outline or a few chapters, while others may want the full manuscript.
You can call the receptionists at the publishing houses to confirm whether specific editors are still on staff., A well-written query letter serves as a pitch for your book. You should include information on target audience, page length, and your experience, as well as a brief introduction explaining why your story is different., Once you have written your bedtime story, you may be convinced it needs to be shared with children everywhere. That may be the case, but remember that editors receive more manuscripts for children’s picture books than for any other type of book.

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