How to Write a Bedtime Story



Read as many bedtime stories as possible.,
Identify your audience.,
Start or join a writing group.

Attempt to read all kinds of bedtime stories, from classics to newly published ones. You will get a feel for the types of themes they convey, as well as how the language and rhythm is constructed.Read other children’s books as well. The more you familiarize yourself with children’s literature, the more prepared you’ll be when you write your own story.
Also, make it a habit to visit bookstores and libraries to see the variety of children’s books available.

, Think about whether you will be writing for younger readers, aged 2 to 6, or those a bit older, aged 7 to 11. Your audience will determine the vocabulary and sentence structure you use in your story. It will also help you identify the types of characters to incorporate.Younger children will be more open to characters like talking animals and dragons, while older readers could possibly prefer pirates, spies, etc.
By getting into the mind of a child, you will be able to create appealing characters and situations that the child can emotionally identify with. , Surrounding yourself with other writers is a great way to strengthen your own writing and stories. Members of a writing group can critique your work, offer suggestions and encouragement, and help keep you accountable to a writing schedule.

Websites are a good way to research writers’ groups in your area. The Writers and Editors Website, for instance, offers a way to search for writing groups in your area.Writing groups can be specialized regarding subject matter, like children’s literature, or be regionally based.

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