How to Worm Chickens



Check chicken droppings for signs of worms.,
Send the feces to a veterinarian if your chickens are losing weight or having other problems and you don’t see signs of worms in their feces.,
Purchase a package of food-grade diatomaceous earth.,
Add 1/4 cup of diatomaceous earth per 35 oz.,
Repeat for four or five days to create an unattractive environment for parasitic worms.,
Treat the worms with vet-prescribed medication if chickens aren’t wormed in a week.

Many types of worms show up in the feces. Others create dirty or poopy eggs.

If only some of your chickens seem to have worms, it is still likely that they will give the worms to the other chickens, so it is a good idea to treat the whole flock.;
, They could have larger internal parasites that don’t leave through the feces.

, It is sold in the form of a fine white powder at most ranch feed stores and online.

, of feed. Mix it thoroughly. Feed it to your chickens as you normally would.Diatomaceous earth is food safe for pets. However, humans should not breathe in the powder.

, You can also do this for one day every three to four months as a preventative measure.

, Diatomaceous earth doesn’t effectively treat every type of chicken worm.

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