How to Worm Chickens



Gather some of the chicken poop and send it to a local veterinarian to test for worms.,
Get a prescription for Flubenvet, Solubenol, Ivermectin or a similar treatment.,
Administer the veterinarian-prescribed medication.,
Treat every three weeks if worms recur.,
Change the landscape of your chicken coop and run if you find that worms are a common problem.,
Don’t eat the eggs for seven to 14 days, depending upon the medication label.

Your vet should tell you what type of worms they had and the best medication for effective treatment.

, Purchase enough for your chickens online or through the vet. In some countries you don’t need a prescription for 1 percent Flubenvet.

, Mix Flubenvet into food. 60g is enough to treat 20 chickens. Administer Solubenol by mixing it with the chickens’ water. Apply other types of prescription wormers directly to the skin or the beak., Many people move to a treatment every six months to prevent or treat worms at the beginning and end of the hot summer months., You can prevent worms by making the habitat less friendly to bacteria and parasites.

, One percent Flubenvet and diatomaceous earth do not require you to throw out the eggs during treatment.

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