How to Win Your Crush Over to the Dance/Prom



A week before the prom/dance, purchase a tuxedo that fits you.,
If you discover no tuxedos within your price range, a crisp, formal collared shirt tucked into formal pants with a tie and dress shoes would be perfectly acceptable.,
On the day of the prom/dance, take a shower to make sure you smell fine.,
Put on the formal clothes that you have picked out for this occasion.,
Comb your hair nicely and apply gel if needed.,
Put on your dress shoes and a jacket if needed.,
Hold yourself in a tall, confident position by throwing back your shoulders the slightest bit.,
Meet your crush and give her a friendly, “Hey.”,
Don’t be afraid to dance with your crush, but remember that you don’t have to dance to every single song that is playing.,
If she smiles at you, let a friendly grin slip out from your mouth, but avoid looking creepy or smiling too widely.

If you’re lucky, you two might kiss or become a couple.

Make sure the color goes well with your skin tone and that it won’t look awkward or out of place on you. Check the price to make sure it’s decent and that it fits within your budget. If you find that the tuxedo is expensive, look in other stores to see if you can find a similar one for a cheaper price.

Sales and coupons are very helpful.
Avoid tuxedos that are too tight or too big, as you’ll look awkward and your crush might think different of you.

, Remember that tuxedos aren’t mandatory. As long as you are dressed appropriate for the occasion, you will be fine!

, Put on deodorant or cologne, but avoid smelling like you literally took a bath in it, as this is a mistake many guys tend to make!

, If you find that you have trouble getting on your tie, don’t be afraid to ask your mom for help.

If your mom has no knowledge of putting on ties, she is unavailable, or you’re just too embarrassed, try looking up instructions on the Internet and learning it yourself. However, if you find that you still can’t get the hang of tying a tie, either get over your embarrassment and ask your mom, or go without one.

, Avoid looking like a slob, but don’t look stiff or too dressed up either! Girls tend to go for the guys who don’t appear uptight or too formal, but it’s okay if you want to look nice – just don’t look too nice.

, Leave at the appropriate time so that you will arrive on time at the prom/dance.

, Avoid looking like a military soldier standing at command, but refrain from slouching! Hold yourself with confidence, as confidence is one of the key elements to winning over your crush, but beware of having too much.

, Create another conversation again and be fairly casual while not looking stiff or creepy. Talk about school, your interests and hers, or anything else that will entertain you both comfortably.

, However, if there is a slow dance playing, ask your crush to dance with you.

,, Even if that doesn’t happen, still have fun throughout the whole event and make it a night to remember well. Be prepared for whatever is thrown your way!

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