How to Win Your Crush Over to the Dance/Prom



A week before the prom/dance, purchase a dress that both fits you and complements your body shape.,
Shop for a pair of cute shoes if you need one.,
About a few hours before the prom/dance, it’s best to prepare so that you won’t be late.,
Pick out any accessories that match your dress, but beware of having too many.,
Look up prom hairstyles and choose one that appeals to you.,
Apply your makeup as needed.,
Apply deodorant to make sure you smell good.,
Slip into your shoes and pop on a jacket if needed, making sure not to mess up your hairstyle or wrinkle your dress.,
Hold yourself in a tall position by throwing back your shoulders the slightest bit and sucking in your stomach a little.,
Meet your crush and give him a friendly, “Hey.”,
Don’t be afraid to dance with your crush, but remember that you don’t have to dance to every single song that is playing.,
Smile naturally, as this is one of the important keys to unlocking your beauty.,
If you’re lucky, you two might kiss or become a couple.

Make sure the color goes well with your skin tone and that it won’t look awkward or out of place on you. Check the price to make sure it’s decent and that it fits within your budget. If you find that the dress is expensive, look in other stores to see if you can find a similar one for a cheaper price.

Sales and coupons are very helpful.
Avoid dresses that are too tight or too big, as you won’t look as good and your crush might think differently of you.
Avoid creating a “sexy” look. It’s fine to look beautiful, but it’s not cool to wear inappropriate clothing. Plus, your crush might get scared and not want to go out with you ever again! Your reputation could also get destroyed.
Remember that if your crush doesn’t like you for who you are, your crush is a jerk and you shouldn’t let him put you down.

, However, it’s best to avoid high heels, anything that makes your feet feel uncomfortable, or heightens the risk of you tripping and/or hurting yourself. You’ll be dancing in those shoes, so it’s best to stick with flats.

Make sure the price is decent. Look in other stores if you find that the shoes are too expensive.
Make sure you will be able to dance in your shoes, and be sure they match your dress. There’s nothing worse in an outfit than a clashing dress and pair of shoes!

, Slip into your dress and make sure all buttons or zippers are in their proper places if you have any. Be sure that there are no wrinkles, and that you have ironed out any beforehand.

, Limit your accessories to two only to prevent the dreaded, overdressed appearance. Suggestions for cute accessories are:

A cute scarf that complements your dress is recommended, especially if you find that your dress is a little too low.
A cute pair of earrings would be brilliant, especially if you already have a matching scarf on.
A pretty necklace that isn’t too sparkly would be good, but don’t wear one if you already have a scarf on and vice versa.
Don’t wear a bracelet if you have a necklace and earrings on.
Don’t wear a necklace if you have a bracelet and earrings on.
Don’t wear earrings if you have a necklace and bracelet on.

, Make sure the style matches your dress, but be sure it isn’t too dressy either. Style your hair as desired, but refrain from doing anything to it that would destroy or mess it up.

It’s best to have washed your hair one or two evenings before.
Do not wash your hair on the day of the prom/dance, and then style it later, or it will not turn out well at all. If you find that you’ve already done that, try putting it up in a pretty bun appropriate for the occasion to hide your mistake.
Don’t put any hair accessories into your hairstyle if you already have two other accessories. Either remove one or go without a hair accessory.
Make sure your hair accessory is small and simple, and that it doesn’t draw too much attention (ex: sparkly hair clip is a big no).

, Beware of putting too much on. Remember that you are only adding glow to your face and not color. Refrain from looking like a clown.

Sometimes, it’s best if you completely go without makeup, as beauty is found deeper past the artificial appearance.

, If desired, spray a little bit of perfume onto you and your clothes, but avoid being the only person that your crush can smell clearly!

, Leave at the appropriate time so you’ll arrive right on time.

, Avoid looking like a military soldier standing at command, but refrain from slouching! Hold yourself with confidence, as confidence is one of the key elements to winning over your crush, but beware of having too much.

, Create another conversation again and be fairly casual while not looking stiff or creepy. Talk about school, your interests and his, or anything else that will entertain you both comfortably.

, However, if there is a slow dance playing, ask your crush to dance with you.

, However, don’t smile too much or you’ll start to look false and/or creepy.

, Even if that doesn’t happen, still have fun throughout the whole event and make it a night to remember. Be prepared for whatever is thrown your way!

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