How to Win Your Crush Over to the Dance/Prom



About two weeks or so before the prom/dance, construct a sweet, simple letter asking your crush to go out to the prom/dance with you.,
Decide whether you want to mail your crush the letter, hand it to him/her personally, or slip it into his/her locker or backpack.,
Wait for your crush’s response.

Letters are a little more romantic than asking someone out by email or text, and your crush may be flattered by your thoughtfulness.

Make sure the letter contains no inappropriate content or anything that might make your crush uncomfortable. You don’t have to use flowery words. Just simply ask them, “Would you like to go to the prom/dance with me?” Don’t be afraid to sign your name, or your crush might not know who asked him/her out!
Since letters have more impact than an email or text does, you’ll want to give your crush some time to think about it if he/she needs to. Therefore, you should send your crush the letter a little earlier than you would send a text or email to him/her.

, Consider the pros and cons of each option above, and choose the one that seems to go best with you.

Keep in mind that mailing letters may take a while, and you’ll never know when your crush may receive the letter. Also, your crush’s parents might see the letter and your crush might be embarrassed! Therefore, it’s best to turn to other options rather than this one, although it is an open choice for you.

, Don’t expect him/her to reply by letter, although he/she might.

If your crush agrees, you can go shopping.
If your crush declines, do not freak out. Still keep maintaining that relationship with your crush and treat him/her nicely. It still has its chances of blossoming into a romantic bond! Keep in mind that if you take this calmly, your crush might change his/her mind.

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