How to Wear Riding Boots



Select a pair of skinny jeans.,
Consider the color and wash. A traditional blue denim works great with riding boots of all shades and styles, but you can also have a little fun by playing with skinny jeans in different colors.,
Create a Western look with the right blouse.If you have brown riding boots, you can use them in a country-Western inspired outfit.,
Go for an equestrian style.Riding boots are worn when riding horses, so adding a hint of equestrian flair to your style pays homage to this fashion fad’s origins.,
Attempt a casual look.

The jeans you wear need to hug your leg in order to fit beneath your riding boots without bunching up. For this reason, skinny jeans are the best option.

If you do not have skinny jeans, you can fold another pair of jeans into your riding boots. Select the snuggest pair of jeans your own to accomplish this.
Create a clean, even cuff by folding the bottom of each leg up. Roll up enough of the material to reveal your ankle.
Pull the extra material at the back of each leg out and fold it over, creating a crease.
Roll the leg of your jean up once more to create another cuff that can secure the cuff in place.;

Other neutrals, like black and gray, can create a flattering and mature look.

White skinny jeans have a clean yet daring appearance.

Nowadays, jeans come in a variety of bright and pastel hues, as well. You can add a fun shock of color to an otherwise plain outfit simply by exchanging your standard blue jeans for a magenta jean or light orange jean.

, While riding boots and cowboy boots are two very different beasts, brown riding boots are reminiscent enough of cowboy boots to make the look work.

Wear a simple plaid button-down shirt. You can choose a shirt in a loose or fitted style, but either way, it should have some volume to it in order to balance out the sleek, slim silhouette of your lower half.

Stick with medium to dark wash, blue denim skinny jeans.

Accessorize as desired. You can wear simple jewelry or look for a few country-inspired pieces to accent this ensemble. Keep things fairly understated, though. Trading cowboy boots in for riding boots softens the Western style, so your accessories need to be softened, as well.


Wear white or cream colored skinny jeans and black riding boots.

Select a crisp, fitted shirt with clean lines. A standard white button-down shirt works well, but there is room for variety here as long as the silhouette remains clean.

Slip a blazer on over your shirt. Wear a fitted blazer in black or navy blue for a more traditional look, or try a colored blazer for a fun spin on this style.

, The simplest way to wear your riding boots is with a standard blouse and your usual accessories.

Select riding boots and skinny jeans in any color and style. Just make sure that the colors coordinate with the colors of your blouse.

While most tops work well enough, the best option is a loose, flowing blouse made of soft, draping fabric. You can choose an empire-waist top to define your waist, or you could simply wrap a belt around an airy blouse at the waist to add the same sort of definition. Regardless, a shirt with volume creates a smart contrast with the skinny silhouette of your bottom half.

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