How to Wear Riding Boots



Pick out an appropriate color and texture.,
Wear leggings with a skirt and riding boots.The most common thing to wear leggings and riding boots with are winter skirts and dresses.,
Slip on a pair of shorts for a funky, fashion-forward style.,
Try on a long tunic.A loose tunic that comes down to your mid-thigh can create a stylish yet casual weekend look when matched with riding boots and simple leggings.

A smooth legging in a shade that matches your riding boots will create a crisp, trendy appearance, but you can play with color and texture to put different spins on your style.

Cable-knit leggings have a warm, cozy ambiance, while other textures and patterns, like lace-overlay, can have a flirty or playful air.

You can also wear leggings that contrast against the riding boot in order to show your boot off more. For instance, white leggings against black riding boots can create a dynamic contrast capable of making your riding boots stand out more.


Consider wearing smooth, solid leggings with a sweater dress for a sleek fall and winter look. To create a cozier appearance, trade the smooth leggings for a cable-knit pair.

When selecting a separate skirt to wear with your riding boots and leggings, choose a heavier material like wool or corduroy over something light and airy like linen.

, This look is a little bolder and less common than many others, but it can create a dramatic effect when done well.

Select a pair of fitted shorts that come down to the mid-thigh. Super short shorts can work, as well, but long shorts that come down to the knee reduce the effect by shortening the leg too much.

The shorts can be standard blue denim, but you can also have fun with a gray denim, colored khaki, or patterned pair of shorts.

This is also a good opportunity to play around with colored and patterned leggings. For example, you could try metallic leggings to give your style added sheen. When wearing colored or patterned leggings, though, you should avoid shorts with bright colors or patterns. You should also keep your shirt fairly subdued to prevent anything from clashing.


The loose, flowing appearance of a tunic balances out the slim-fit style of leggings and riding boots.
For this look, smooth leggings that closely match the color of your boots work better than leggings in elaborate patterns or contrasting colors.

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