How to Wear Riding Boots



Mix things up with a maxi skirt.,
Show off your legs with a shorter skirt.,
Decide between bare legs and covered legs.

Select a maxi with more volume so that the skirt does not cling to your boots.Also consider trying out a maxi skirt or dress with a long slit up the side to transform the look from dowdy and maternal to daring and flirty.

To prevent the look from becomes too boxy or shapeless, wear something fitted at the top. Choose a fitted top with a daring neckline or exposed back when wearing a maxi skirt. If wearing a maxi dress, shrug a fitted cardigan, blazer, or jacket on over the dress to create more shape around your torso.

, Select a full, A-line, or pleated skirt to balance out the slim silhouette of your lower leg.Go with a mini skirt if you have riding boots that extend up to your knee or past it. The idea is to allow a portion of your leg to peek through in between the boot and lower hemline of the skirt.

A knee-length skirt works well if your riding boots hit below the knee. Moreover, knee-length skirts flatter most body types and can be used to create both sweet and sexy looks.

You have considerable room to play around with tops when wearing a shorter skirt. Fitted tops are often used to balance out the curves created by a flared out skirt, but whether you choose a shirt with a demure or sultry style is up to you.

, If wearing a thin, flowing fabric, bare legs often looks best. For heavier materials, leggings and tights may look more appropriate.

A knee-length skirt made of a stiff material like wool, tweed, corduroy, or denim is often associated with cooler weather, so tights often seem fitting in this instance.

Short and long skirts made from light, breezy materials like linen and various cotton blends often look better when worn with bare legs, since this style is more commonly associated with warmer weather.

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