How to Wear Riding Boots



Wear bootcut jeans.,
Alternatively, trade your jeans for corduroys.,
Dress the look up.,
Dress the look down.

These jeans are aptly labeled as “bootcut” because they flair out just enough at the bottom to slip comfortably and loosely over boots of all heights and styles, including riding boots.

This style works best when work with standard blue denim, but you can select any wash that appeals to you.

If you do opt for a colored jean, stick with neutral colors like black, gray, white, and brown.

Make sure your jeans are long enough to cover the majority of your boot but short enough to reveal the toe and heel of the boot.

, As with bootcut jeans, you should wear your corduroys over the boots so that just the toes remain visible.

Play with the color of your corduroys. You can wear corduroys in a traditional color, like tan, brown, black, or gray, or you can opt for a deep shade of a less traditional color, like olive green or midnight blue.

, This look can be turned into a business-casual style with relative ease when you select a pair of dark wash jeans or corduroys and black riding boots.

Wear a simple button-down shirt over your pants or a well-fit blouse in a solid color or fine pattern. You can wear a blazer over the shirt to add a greater degree of professionalism to this look, or you could leave it off for a stronger casual hint.

Accessorize, but keep it simple and classy. Plain metal jewelry is preferable over elaborate costume jewelry with large gemstones or bright colors.

, By wearing light to medium wash jeans and a less professional top, you can easily make black or brown riding boots work for a chic, easy-going weekend ensemble.

Your top can be loose and flowing or snug and fitted. Since your jeans flare out at the bottom, the silhouette on your legs is not quite as skinny as it is when you wear skinny jeans with your riding boots. As a result, you can wear a loose, flowing shirt to maintain an overall air of balance or you can go with a snugger top to create a smoother, more streamlined appearance from top to bottom.

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