How to Watch Your Crush Without Being Noticed



Use your peripheral vision to look at them.,
Watch them from afar.,
Use a decoy so that they don’t notice.,
Watch them while they are distracted.,
Sit behind them in class so you can see them, but they can’t see you.,
Figure out their schedule so you’ll know where they’ll be.

Peripheral vision is what you can see from the side of your eye without looking directly at someone.Use this tactic to look at your crush without tipping them off to the fact that you’re looking at them.

You can pretend to get up and do something else, like sharpen your pencil, while keeping your crush in your peripheral vision.
This is an excellent method to use when you are sitting next to your crush.
You may have a harder time seeing details in your crush with your peripheral vision.;
, The further away you are, the less likely that your crush will notice you staring. This is especially true in public places where there are a lot of other people around. Try to keep an eye on them from a distance so that they don’t notice that you’re watching them.

If you are watching them in a parking lot, you can position your car facing the opposite direction and use your rearview mirror to look at them.If you are far away and can’t see them, use your phone and use the zoom function. Just make sure it looks like you are texting or writing an e-mail.

, Bring a book or look at your cell phone so you have a decoy if your crush looks in your direction. You can even have conversations with friends while watching your crush in the background. The goal is to try to look like you are paying attention to something else while still being able to keep an eye on your crush.

You can also draw in a pad or do schoolwork while watching your crush.

, You can glance at your crush while they are preoccupied with another activity. Some good examples are while they are taking a test, talking to someone else, or while they eat. If your crush looks in your direction, avoid eye contact and look in another direction.

If they are involved in sports, you can watch them while they play without them noticing.
If your crush is just sitting around and daydreaming, it’s more likely they will see that you’re staring at them since their attention isn’t anywhere specific.

, If you share classes with your crush, see if you can sit behind them. Try to find a good angle on your crush so that you can see the side of their face but they can’t see you without looking behind them. This may give you the opportunity to watch them the entire class without being detected. If you already have regular seats, see if a classmate would be willing to switch with you.

If your crush looks back at you, pretend that you were staring at something off in their direction but not them.

, Humans are creatures of habit, and there are many things that we do the same on a daily basis.If you go to the same school, figure out when their classes are so you can watch them in the hallway. If they are a coworker, memorize their work schedule.

If they have a regular schedule to attend church or go to the grocery store, you can go at the same times.
Do not follow them home because this could be considered stalking.

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