How to Watch Your Crush Without Being Noticed



Prepare conversation topics.,
Introduce yourself.,
Ask for your crush’s contact information.,
Get to know your crush’s friends.

If you’ve watched your crush and have gotten to know their personality, choose conversation topics that interest them. Think about the things they like such as their favorite show, a sport they enjoy, or a musician that they listen to. If you don’t have any ideas, then ask them about themselves or talk about an event that’s coming up in your town.

You can also compliment your crush, but don’t make it sexual.
You can say something like, “Hey, the noticed that you were listening to the new Drake album. I was thinking about picking it up. What do you think of it?”

, Make eye contact with your crush and approach them with a smile. If you’ve never talked to them before, tell them your name and ask them for theirs. Even though you’ll probably be nervous, make sure that you introduce yourself with confidence. Don’t look away or mumble because it’s a sign that you’re insecure.

To appear more confident make sure to speak clearly, keep a straight posture, and use your hands to gesture.Keep the conversation light and try to be humorous. Don’t be overly serious or personal when you first approach your crush., If you had a good conversation with your crush, it’s important that you keep it going so you don’t have to watch them without being noticed anymore. Ask for social media usernames or their cell phone number. See if they would want to hang out in the future or go on a date sometime.

If the conversation went poorly, your crush may not want to give you their contact information. In this case remain respectful and back off.

, If you feel overwhelmed and can’t talk to your crush directly you can try to become friends with your crush’s friends first. Try to find someone in their circle of friends that share mutual interests with you, and make it a point to talk to them or hang out with them socially. Once you feel like you are good enough friends, you can ask them to introduce you to their crush.

When a mutual friend makes the introductions, it can relieve stress on both parties.
Long term relationships are often started by introductions made by mutual friends.

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