How to Watch Your Crush Without Being Noticed



Friend or like them on all your social media accounts.,
Turn on notifications, so you know when they make an update.,
Do not like, repost, or comment on any of their accounts.

Social media is a great way to watch a crush and what they’re up to and doing without them noticing. Friend them on platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Some platforms will allow you to create an account anonymously. If you don’t want to be noticed, use a username that they won’t recognize.

Instagram and Snapchat are great apps to use because you can see when they upload new pictures. Even though you aren’t where they are, you can feel like you are through photos.
Looking at the posts they like or share will also give you a better sense of their personalities, or at least how they want to be perceived by others., Many social media sites now use algorithms that will determine what ends up on your timeline, wall, or page. This means that even if you are connected to your crush, that you may not see when they make new updates. In this case, turn on their notifications, so you get updated when they make new posts.There are apps like Snowball and Alternion that help you track all your social media notifications in one place.Set up your social media notifications to have a different sound so that you can keep track of your crush’s updates.

, If you are using an anonymous account, you may be able to interact more with your crush on social media. However, make sure not to comment too frequently or they may become suspicious of who you are. Do not comment, post, share, or like on any social media accounts attached to your actual name like Facebook. Part of watching your crush secretly is staying unknown.

If your crush uses Foursquare and regularly check into locations you can figure out where they like to hang out.

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