How to Warm a Horse’s Bit



Dunk in hot water, then wipe dry.,
Buy a bit warmer.,
Keep an electric crock pot in the barn.,
Heat with a hairdryer or portable heater.,
Keep the bit under blankets overnight.,
Keep the bit indoors.

Heat water until it’s just begun to steam, then bring it over to the stall in a bucket. Place a safety hook over the bucket and drape the bridle over it, making sure not to let the leather touch the water or the ground. Dunk the bit for 10–15 seconds in hot water, or 1–2 minutes in lukewarm water. Wipe the bit down with a cloth to dry it. The bit should be warm, but not hot.

If you have running hot water in the barn, you can hold the bit under that instead.
In very cold weather, you may need a bucket insulator to keep it warm on the way to the stall.;
, These thick pads of fabric wrap around the bit and heat it. Some varieties must be plugged in, while others can be microwaved before you head out to the stall. Wrap the bit for about five to ten minutes, checking occasionally to make sure the metal isn’t painfully hot.

If you can remove the bit from the bridle, you can use a hand warmer instead. Drop the bit inside a long, woolen sock. Drop this sock into its fellow, along with the hand warmer.

, You can use an electric crock pot or a battery-operated slow cooker, depending on whether your barn has power. Fill it with water and turn it on. Drape a towel over the edge to wet one end. Once it’s warm, wrap the towel around the bit for a couple minutes.

If you visit your horse at the same time each day, look for a crock pot with a timer. Set it to start heating water shortly before you arrive at the stall. Make sure it’s automatic shut-off works, or you may cause a fire.
Reduce fire risk by keeping the crock pot on a non-flammable surface, away from animals and straw.

, Obviously, this one will only work if you have access to electricity in the stall. Be careful not to heat the leather or overheat the bit. If using a heater, hang the bit 4+ inches (10+ centimeters) away.

Do not use this method on “soft mouth” bits with plastic parts.

, Cover the bit with heavy blankets, then press them down with a heavy object. You may need to remove the bit from the bridle first, which is not feasible for all bridles. If you leave the bridle attached, the weight could deform the bridle’s shape.

, Keep the bit by the door or with your car keys, to avoid forgetting it at home.

If you drive to your barn, keep the bit in your car. If necessary, leave it there next to a heating vent while you start preparing the tackle.

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