How to Walk Your Hamster



Weigh the risk of walking.,
Get a hamster ball!,
Place toys inside your hamster’s enclosure.

Even with a properly fitting harness and lightweight leash, hamsters can very easily be injured during a walk together. Hamsters are extremely light and fragile. You may simply accidentally pull too hard or move your hand without thinking and seriously injure your hamster. Furthermore, you cannot control the environment outside of your home. Even in a seemingly safe hallway, a dog might unexpectedly appear and make quick work of your pet.You may even accidentally step on your hamster during a walk. A hamster may unknowingly scurry right beneath your foot before you put your weight down.
Outside, there are innumerable dangers to your hamster. You may come across a predatory bird who will never get an easier meal if it decides to attack.
Further, your hamster may put themselves at risk by eating something dangerous off of the ground.

, Hamsters can safely and easily roll around in a hamster ball. Hamster balls are quite literally designed to allow your hamster to safely roam outside of their cage. You can use a hamster ball inside, or in a protected outside area like a patio. Only allow your hamster to run in its ball on carpeted ground, as they may roll dangerously quickly on harder ground.Never leave your hamster in its ball for more than twenty minutes. Only put your hamster in a ball once a day.
Always monitor your hamster when it’s in a hamster ball. Keep other pets away from the hamster ball.

, Your hamster will get plenty of exercise inside its cage. To get them running around, provide your hamster with toys. Aside from running, hamsters also love to climb and chew. Choose climbing structures and chew toys meant for hamsters from your local pet store or online.A hamster wheel is a great mandatory feature for your hamster cage, providing both amusement and exercise.
Many climbing structures will have similar moving features that will safely entertain your hamster for hours on end.

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