How to Walk a Guinea Pig on a Leash



Make sure the harness isn’t too tight.,
Use leashes just for the yard.,
Don’t walk your guinea pig.

If you put on a harness, make sure it is loose enough. You should be able to put a finger or two between the harness and the guinea pig. If it’s too tight, it could harm the guinea pig’s back over time and chaff under his armpits.It may not be a good idea to put a harness on at all. Some owners have had trouble with harnesses harming guinea pigs’ backs after they’ve worn it several times.;
, If you insist on using a leash, make sure you just do it in the yard. That is, you can use a leash to keep your guinea pig from wandering too far. However, you need to supervise the guinea pig the whole time. A leash isn’t license to leave your guinea pig alone outside.Also, don’t tug on the leash. Just let your guinea pig roam about.
Make sure the leash is always loose, and your guinea pig doesn’t get tangled in it.

, While you can put your guinea pig in a harness, it’s not a good idea to walk it on a leash. The tugging sensation can harm the guinea pig’s delicate spine very easily. In addition, most guinea pigs won’t take to walking, meaning they can’t be trained to walk beside you on a leash.In addition, guinea pigs can easily slip out of harnesses, so they can escape before you can catch them.
Therefore, trying to walk a guinea pig in a street isn’t a good idea. It could get away from you and be harmed.

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