How to Wake up Your Hamster Without Scaring It



Talk to him softly.,
Offer him a treat.,
Blow in his face.,
Avoid poking him.,
Move slowly.

Try waking your hamster with the sound of your voice. Go near his cage and begin speaking softly. You may even try humming or singing until he is awake., Another way to rouse your hamster is to offer him a treat. Try holding a treat out where he is sleeping (close enough for him to smell it) and allow this to draw him from his sleep.You may use a small piece of a vegetable (like carrot or broccoli), or a store-bought hamster treat.

, If your hamster is sleeping out in the open, another option is to gently blow in his face. Of course, you do not want to startle your hamster, so begin with a mellow release of air, and increase in intensity until your hamster begins to wake., Whatever you do, avoid jabbing or poking at your hamster. This is not an effective way to wake him up because he will immediately become defensive. If he is roused in this way, he will not want to be held or to play.

, Remember, the point is to wake him without scaring him, so avoid swift or jarring movements. Instead, whenever you approach your sleeping hamster, move slowly. This allows him to wake gently and in a good mood.

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