How to Wake up Your Hamster Without Scaring It



Make the room dark.,
Change the temperature.,
Jiggle his food bowl.,
Lift up his hut.,
Tap lightly on his cage.

Hamsters begin to wake up and move around at dusk and dawn (or twilight). Thus, you may be able to wake your hamster by dimming the lights in your room. If you can make it dark enough, your hamster should rouse in response to the change in light., Another idea is to alter the temperature of your hamster’s environment. Hamsters sleep more when it is cold, and wake when it is warm. You can try warming up the whole room (by turning up your heat or using a space heater), or warming only your hamster’s cage (by using a heat lamp or heating pad)., You can appeal to you hamster’s sense of hearing and desire for food at the same time by reaching into his cage and jiggling his food bowl. Place a little bit of fresh food into his dish and move it around (making a subtle noise) until he wakes., Often hamsters will sleep inside of a hut (or enclosure) within the cage. One method for rousing your hamster is to simply lift up his hut. You may to choose to lift up the hut and move it to another location in the cage (exposing the hamster), or simply lift it up and put back down (which may rustle him enough to wake him up).

, You can use soft noises in conjunction with vibration by tapping lightly on your hamster’s cage. Using your finger, gently rap on his cage (near where he is sleeping) until your hamster is awake.

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