How to Vaccinate Chickens



Use a wing web vaccine for serious chicken diseases.,
Dilute the vaccine.,
Have an assistant hold a chicken and lift a wing.,
Dip the needle into the vaccine.,
Pierce the underside of the wing web, but avoid piercing the blood vessels and bones.,
Replace the needle and check to see that the vaccination was successful.

This route is generally taken when you are vaccinating chickens against Chicken anemia, live Fowl Cholera, Avian Encephalomyelitis, and Fowl Pox.

, The vaccine you get should come with a diluent. The amount of diluent you need depends on the vaccine you will be giving your chickens. Follow the instructions that come with the vaccine on how to properly dilute it., Gently lift the right or left wing of the chicken. Expose the wing web so that the wing web is in front of your. This means that you should expose the underside of the wing so that it is facing up. Gently pluck some of the feathers on the wing web so that you can see what you’re doing and so none of the vaccine gets on the feathers.The wing web is located near the bone where the wing connects to the body.

, Dip the two pronged needle applicator into the vaccine bottle. Take caution that the needle is not dipped too deeply. Only the wells of the two pronged needles must be dipped into the vaccine.

, You can ensure this by centering the needle puncture in the middle of the triangle formed by the wing web, while the wings are spread apart.

If you accidentally hit a vein and bleeding occurs, replace the needle with a new one, and re-vaccinate.

, Replace the needle with a new one after vaccinating 500 chickens. Check after 7 to 10 days to make sure that the vaccination was successful. To check:

Pick 50 birds per chicken house and check them for scabs under the wing web. Scabbing or scarring means that the vaccination was successful.

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