How to Vaccinate Chickens



Use this method if you have a watering system in your hen house.,
Make sure that your watering system is clean.,
Stop running the water prior to vaccinating your chickens.,
Calculate the amount of water to be used by the birds over the course of two hours.,
Stabilize the water if you use a manual drinker.,
Let the water start running again so that the chickens can be vaccinated.

This vaccine method should also really only be used if you have a commercial chicken farm, as only vaccinating a small amount of chickens this way will waste a lot of vaccine.

, It is very important that you watering system be clean but also free of chlorine. Stop running chlorine and other medications through your watering system at least 48 hours before planning on vaccinating your chickens., In order to make sure that you chickens actually drink the water that contains the vaccine, you should stop running water to the chickens for a period of time before the vaccination process.

Withdraw water 30 to 60 minutes before vaccination for hot climates, and 60 to 90 minutes for cold climates.

, As a rough guide the water consumption in liters for 2 hours can be calculated by multiplying the number of chickens by their age, and then multiplying that number by two.

For example: 40,000 birds at 14 days of age would mean 40 x 14 x 2 = 1,120 liters (295.9 US gal) of water for 2 hours.
If you have a proportioner hooked up to your water system, add another step to the equation. For houses with proportioners with 2% injection rate prepare the vaccine solution in a bucket with 50 liters (13.2 US gal) capacity. To do this multiply 2% to the computed water consumption for 2 hours, and place this amount in the bucket, for the example above: 1,120 liters (295.9 US gal) x 0.02 = 22.4 liters (5.9 US gal). Mix the vaccine in this bucket and place the proportioner’s suction hose in this bucket.

, Stabilize the water by placing 500 grams of skim milk for every 200 liters (52.8 US gal) of water, or by using chlorine neutralizers like Cevamune® at 1 tablet for every 100 liters (26.4 US gal). For houses with bell drinkers, mix the vaccines in the overhead tank.For automatic drinkers with proportioners use Cevamune® to stabilize the water. For the example used in the previous step, you would need around 11 tablets. This was based on 1,120 liters (295.9 US gal) divided by 100 liters (26.4 US gal) = 11.2 ( 1 tablet for every 100 liters ). Mix these tablets in the pale with the 22.4 liters (5.9 US gal) of water (from the example above).

, When the water is back on, the chickens will start to drink. In this way, they will receive their vaccinations. Try to get the chickens to drink all of the vaccine water within one to two hours. Do not put chlorine or other medications back into the water for at least 24 hours.

For houses with manual or basin drinkers, equally divide the vaccine solution in the basins or drinkers. For houses with bell drinkers, just open the over head tanks to let the birds drink. For houses with automatic nipple lines, just open the valves.

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