How to Vaccinate Chickens



Use an eyedropper for respiratory vaccines.,
Prepare the vaccine solution by diluting it.,
Attach the eye dropper to the vaccine vial or bottle.,
Have an assistant hold the chicken and apply the vaccine.

This route is tedious but is the most effective and surest way to administer a respiratory vaccine. This route is more commonly used in breeders (chickens used to produce chicks), layers (chickens used for their eggs), and when you only have a small number of chickens to vaccinate.

, Open the vaccine vial or bottle and dilute it by using a syringe with 3 ml of diluent (this syringe and diluent comes with the vaccine). Make sure that the temperature of the diluent is 2 to 8 C°.To make sure that the diluent is always cold, always carry an ice box with ice, and place the vaccine vial and diluent in it.
If you are going to vaccinate a lot of birds, you can divide the diluted vaccine into two or three clean bottles and keep them on ice. That way, the vaccine will stay at the right temperature.

, Gently shake the vaccine vial several times before attaching the dropper. Once shaken, attach the eye dropper that should come with the vial or bottle containing the vaccine.

The eye dropper will appear different, depending on whether or not you use a vial or bottle. However, you should be able to attach them by pulling them over the lip or the container or twisting them on.

, Grab the bird’s head and slightly twist it so that her eye is facing you. Drop 0.03ml of the vaccine in the chicken’s eye and wait for a few seconds. Taking a moment to wait will ensure that the vaccine is absorbed by the eye and flows through the nostrils.

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