How to Use the Omega Paw Litter Box



Put the litter in the box.,
Make sure the clips hold the top and bottom closely together.,
When the litter has been “claimed” by the resident cat, roll the litter box onto the right side.,
Roll the litter box right side up.,
Pull out the drawer, which should now be full of…well, you know.

Make sure it doesn’t go above the grating. Use clumping litter.;
, The clip from the top needs to go through the hole on the bottom, and then the clip must be pushed so that it locks into place. If all the clips aren’t secure, you’ll have a very messy ordeal with this litter box.

, Continue until all the un-clumped litter should slide through the grating and then until the box is upside down.

Sometimes the clumped litter and all its lovely components can stick to the bottom of the box and refuse to drop when you turn it upside-down. You might feel the urge to tap or smack the bottom of the box to get it to come loose. This will work, but it can also loosen the seal between the top and bottom of the box, causing litter to leak out next time you roll it over. It’s better to apply pressure by pressing down on the bottom of the box while it’s upside-down; usually this is enough to dislodge clumps.

, Continue to tilt the box a little to the left so all the litter comes back through the grating and into the “bathroom” area. Then put the litter box right side up again.


If the drawer is particularly full, wiggle it back and forth a little before pulling it out. This will even out the contents so they don’t get caught on the top of the slot as you pull the drawer out.

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