How to Use Talcum Powder Safely



Use it for male irritation.,
Wear talc-based cosmetics.,
Use talcum powder sparingly.,
Avoid using talcum powder on your underwear if you are a woman.,
Avoid breathing in any powder.,
Refrain from sprinkling talcum powder on your baby directly.,
Keep all powder in a child-safe container.

Talcum powder appears to safe for males to use for genital sweating and chafing. It has not been linked to any cancers of male genitalia.Talcum powder can keep you dry if you have issues with chafing or other friction irritation.

If you are a male using talcum powder on his genitals, do not use it before having sex with a woman. Talcum powder may be linked to ovarian cancer, and so you should make sure you are not exposing your partner to it. Wash the powder off before having sex or consider using an alternative product.;
, Little evidence shows negative side effects occurring when wearing cosmetics or makeups with talc in them. The FDA regulates the use of talc in cosmetics.Recent studies by the FDA have found no asbestos in talc cosmetic products.
Talc can be found in face powders, eye shadows, and blushes.

, If you use talcum powder on your body, use it sparingly. Don’t cake it on your body in thick layers. Use it in products where an alternative isn’t available, but use it with caution.

Make sure to shake out talcum powder in small doses. Don’t shake a lot out at once because it can introduce talcum spores into the air. Inhaling talcum powder can cause respiratory distress.

, Talcum powder has been linked to ovarian cancer in women. The risk occurs when the powder enters the vagina and makes its way up to the ovaries. Research has reported mixed findings, but most medical professionals advise caution with the use of talcum powder on genitals.Prolonged exposure seems to be the greatest risk factor for ovarian cancer; therefore, if you are female, avoid using talc in underwear because it will be on the skin for a long period of time.Women should also refrain from putting talcum powder on sanitary napkins, diaphragms, condoms, or genitals.

, Talc can cause multiple health problems when breathed in, including respiratory problems. If you want to use it, try not to breathe it in.This may be difficult since talc can be a very fine powder. To keep from breathing it in, use small amounts.
Refrain from shaking the talc container vigorously. Be gentle and avoid spreading the talcum powder around and dispersing it in the air.
Inhaling significant amounts of talcum powder can cause a type of chemical pneumonia and is considered a medical emergency.

, Talcum powder can be found in many baby products. If you choose to use it on your baby, don’t sprinkle it on the baby directly. Instead, step away from your baby and put the powder on your hands. Then rub it onto your baby.Make sure you shake the powder out away from your baby’s face. The biggest concern for babies is negative side effects due to inhalation.

, If you keep talcum powder in your home, keep it safe from your children. You can store it somewhere out of reach with the top tightly secure. You may also consider placing it in a separate, child-proof container in case your kids find it.Children can easily spill or shake talcum powder out of the container. This releases particles into the air that they can inhale. Keeping it safe from them reduces their risk of exposure.

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