How to Use Saddle Soap



Avoid saddle soap on certain shoes.,
Protect your boots for the winter months.,
Clean your shoes with saddle soap.

While saddle soap can be great on many leather shoes, it can be harmful to some. Cordovan shoes should not be shined or washed using saddle soap. If you’re uncertain about using saddle shoes on your footwear, consult the manufacturer’s instructions., Snow, water, and salt can cause significant damage to leather. Saddle soap can be used as a protective agent on leather boots.

If you’ve recently worn your boots, you’ll need to let them dry before using saddle soap. Do not attempt to dry your boots by setting them next to a heater. This can cause damage.Wait for the boots to dry. This should take about an hour. Using a damp cloth, remove any dirt or debris on the boots.Take a wet cloth and rub it in saddle soap until it begins to lather. You do not want to rub saddle soap onto your boots until it lathers, so add more water if the soap remains as is.Rub the lather all over one boot. While that boot dries, rub down the other. Once the lather is dry, wipe off both boots using a damp cloth.Repeat this process frequently to keep the boots protected, especially if you’re using them during a harsh winter., Saddle soap can be used to shine leather shoes. Applying a small amount to a wet cloth can leave shoes glistening and clean.

Change into old clothes and lay out old newspapers or magazines on the floor.Using a wet cloth containing saddle soap, wipe all the dust and dirt off of the shoe. Pay special attention to areas like the heel and sole.If you intend on shining your shoes, let them dry for 5 minutes before beginning the shining process.

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