How to Use Reflexology to Relieve Chest Pain



Start by massaging your entire hand.,
Warm up and relax your hand.,
Work on your fingers.,
Massage the palm of your hands.,
Move on to the backs of your hands.,
Concentrate on areas that you feel might be causing your chest pain.

According to reflexology theory, this will help to relax you and flush toxins from your system. Also, general massage has been proven to reduce pain and improve quality of life., Hand reflexology points are located more deeply than the similar points on your foot, so warming up your hand is very important to avoid pain.Gently rub massage oil or moisturizer into the wrist of your hand, using gentle, sweeping motions with your thumb for about 30 seconds.
Continue these sweeping motions as you move up to the palm of the hand, sweeping from the inside of the palm to the edges for about 30 seconds.
Turn you hand over and gently run your thumb from the webbing between your fingers to the top of your wrist.
Grip each finger and give it a gentle side to side twist, rotating the knuckle joint. Move your hand up and repeat with the second joint and top joint of each finger.
Repeat these steps with your other hand.

, Starting with the tip of your thumb, use your thumb and index finger to squeeze and apply pressure in a gentle circular motion for 3 to 5 seconds. Work your way down your thumb two times, then repeat with your other fingers. Do the same for you other hand.

, For each area of your palm, you will move downwards, then back up, and then to the side and start down again. At each point, apply gentle, rotational pressure for 3-5 seconds.Start on the soft padding under your fingers.
Move on to the center of your palm.
Work on the outer edge of your hand, starting under the little finger and continuing to the wrist.
Massage the base of your hand, moving from your thumb to the outer edge of you hand.
Finish by moving from left to right and back again across your wrist.

, Remember to apply much less pressure, as the back of your hand is very sensitive.Starting at the knuckle at the base of your thumb, apply gentle, rotational pressure for 3 to 5 seconds. Work down to the wrist, then move sideways. Continue working from the knuckles to the wrist until you have covered the entire back of your hand.
Apply gentle pressure as you work across your wrist.

, Spend extra time on these areas, applying gentle rotational pressure as you work across them, point by point.

Lung problems – Focus on the soft padding just below your fingers on the palm of your hand, and on the equivalent area on the back of your hand.Heart problems – Work on the fleshy area at the base of your thumbs.Digestive problems – Work on the areas from the base of your fingers to the last knuckle to stimulate your neck reflexes. Massage the center of your palms to stimulate your stomach and gall bladder. Work across the base of your palm to aid digestion in your small intestine.Stress related problems – Work on your entire finger to stimulate the reflex points associated with the head and neck in order to relieve stress.

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