How to Use Body Language to Keep a Guy Wanting More



Communicate with your eyes.,
Raise your eyebrows just the tiniest bit whenever he smiles, nods, winks, etc.,
Look down and flutter your eyelashes a little.,
Push your tongue against the skin below your bottom teeth.,
When your eyes meet with his, move your shoulder forward slightly and then let it drop.,
Once you’ve glanced at him quickly, look away and continue on with whatever you were doing.,
Get close.,
Involve your hair.,
Remember to be yourself.

Your eyes are very powerful when it comes to body language. They can indicate interest, and indicate if he’s interested as well. Eye contact increases your heartbeat and helps to release the hormones associated with love or lust.Fix your gaze on a guy you’re interested in if you’re not already acquainted with him or talking to him. Show that you’re sizing him up––locking eyes is a sure sign of continued interest.
Do a face scan. This is a tell-tale sign of interest.
Darting glances and second looks can help indicate your interest in him.
Avoid staring; he might go into flight mode. Keep it casual and always smile.;
, Do just enough to let him see the change in your expression, without it looking forced or overdone. It’s important to look amused, not disgusted. But remember not to overreact (they’ll think you are too interested).

, But not too much! This makes you seem innocent yet still interested. As you do this glance down or at the other shoulder.

, Open your mouth a little more, but not so much that your mouth looks overly wide (too much and you look like a fish gasping for air). This makes you look flattered and also gives the impression that you’re a good kisser, which guys are gonna want.

, Only move your shoulder, and not your whole arm. As you bring your shoulder forward, move your head slightly closer to it. As you drop your shoulder, move your head back up.

Try looking over your shoulder; this positioning accentuates your curves and invites more attention.

, This keeps him wanting more and wondering what you meant by flirting with him and then moving on.

, Once he’s started to show interest, make him keener by getting closer. Move near him and touch his hand or the base of his arm or gently squeeze his arm, hand or shoulder while you’re talking. Nothing hard, just light, quick touches before withdrawing your hand again.

Lean in and whisper. Speaking softly will reel him in. He’s interested if he moves closer but beware if he moves back from your lean-in; it means he lacks interest.
If he flinches or tenses when touched, it probably means he’s nervous around you, and that you might be moving in too fast! Try to act more relaxed around him.

, Slowly run your fingers through your hair, stopping at the nape of your neck. Once your fingers reach your neck, either trail your fingers back and forth across your collarbone, or move the pendant on your necklace back and forth. Caressing your body in this way will cause an interested guy to watch intently.

Watch for his lips parting or touching his mouth with his fingers; you’re right in his interest zone once this happens.

, Everyone else is already taken!

Make yourself look appealing. Acting or looking dumb in front of him when you’re actually really smart will make him confused. He will start to wonder if you’re all truth or just lies. It’s okay to do this in the beginning just to get him to notice or talk to you (in a good way) but once you strike up a conversation, be yourself and act natural!
Where to look. When you two are in a conversation, stare at his lips and MAKE SURE you are listening to what he is saying too. An instant turn-off is when a guy thinks you are just taking advantage of him.

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