How to Use an Alum Block



Use an alum block to heal a small cut.,
Apply the block to the area of the cut.,
Try alum deodorant.

Wet the area of the cut with cold water. This will wash the blood away from the cut. Typically, an alum block is used to help heal a small nick that results from shaving. Wetting the area can also help you remove shaving cream residue.Alum blocks can also be used for other small cuts. It is safe enough to use on children.
If your child suffers a minor cut, you can apply the alum cut to that area, the same way you would use it on the face.
Don’t forget to dab the alum block in cold water before use.

, Apply the block with light pressure and hold for for 20 – 30 seconds or until bleeding stops. You might experience a slight sting at first but that’s the indication that your cut is being sealed. The alum block acts as a coagulant to stop bleeding.Remove the alum block from the skin if the tingling begins to feel too intense or uncomfortable.
Wash face (or other body part) with cold water to close pores and wash away any residue from the alum block.
Don’t forget to let your block dry before putting it away.

, Some people use alum as an alternative to typical deodorants. This might be a good alternative if you are looking to avoid spraying or rubbing chemicals on your body.Talk to your doctor before trying an alum (or “crystal”) antiperspirant. Some health care providers feel that it might be linked to diseases such as breast cancer. While the research is inconclusive, it is important to be aware of this possibility.

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