How to Untack a Horse



Tie up the horse.,
Move the reins up to the horse’s poll.,
Undo the curb chain, if the bridle has one, by unhooking it from the left side of the bridle.

Undo the throatlatch.

Undo the cavesson, or ‘nose band.’,
Take hold of the reins, as well as the bridle between the horses ears and pull it gently over the ears, letting the horse drop the bit from its mouth so you don’t bang his teeth.

Put the bridle and reins over your shoulder, and place a halter on your horse.,
Once he is tied safely, stand on the left side of the horse, lift up the saddle flap and unbuckle the girth.,
Place your arms under the front and back of the saddle (and saddle pad, if the horse is wearing one) and lift the saddle off the horses back.,
Hang up all your tack.

Some people prefer to put a halter on over the bridle. Others prefer to hook the halter around the horse’s neck. Others prefer to remove the bridle without tying up the horse; it’s recommended not to do that unless the horse is to be cross-tied in his stall, or in an aisle with others present.;
, If the horse attempts to move, it is possible to hold the reins here in order to keep the horse still.


,, If you tied the halter around the horse’s neck, now would be the time to remove the halter from his neck and place it properly on his head.

, Do not let the girth fall down and hit the horses legs, instead lower it gently.

, Scoop the girth up, lie it across the saddle and place the saddle somewhere safe.


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