How to Understand Your Bird’s Body Language



Notice singing or whistling.,
Pay attention to soft chattering or talking.,
Identify beak grinding.

If your bird is singing and whistling a lot that is a good sign, as this is the behavior of a bird that is generally content and healthy. A bird that is singing or whistling a lot is likely very happy.Try singing or whistling along with your bird. This can be a great bonding activity for you.

, A bird that is content is likely to chatter or talk a lot. In fact, if you spend time with them, they are likely to increase this chatter when you come around.If you pay attention to the sounds that your bird makes on a daily basis, you will be able to identify the difference between the contented chatter or talking and unusual sounds that signal other things.

, Beak grinding is a perfectly normal behavior in which a bird slides its top and bottom beak against one another. It is usually a sign of contentment. It may be done at any time of day but is usually done when the bird is settling down for the night.It is thought that beak grinding is done to keep the bird’s beak in good condition.

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