How to Understand Guinea Pig Language



Be aware that, when the guinea pig squeals loudly with a “wheek” sound, he or she is happy.,
Know that, if they are really happy to see you, guinea pigs will also squeal in delight to show their appreciation for you.

It will sound really loud and positive, and the pig will be staying in one spot and looking up at you with their eyes wide open. It’s a repetitive sounds that shows excitement.

They will usually do this when they know they are being fed. Owners usually condition their pigs by the shaking of small objects in a jar or the rustling of plastic bags. They will squeal extremely loudly at the mere sound of it.;
, This occurs when you meet with the piggies after neglecting to see them for a really long time, such as a vacation, or when they meet you after a bad experience with something else.

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