How to Understand Boys



Always be yourself.,
Talk to him.,
Watch his actions.,
Watch his facial expressions too.,
Talk to your dad or your brother!,
If he likes you, go ahead and ask him out!,
If you just want to be friends, hang out with him more.

It sounds cheesy, but if he ends up liking you for being someone else, if you get in a long term relationship, you have to lie about your everything around him and you have to remember every lie you said about yourself. And, when the relationship is over, it won’t be over peacefully… so be yourself!;
, The more you guys talk, the more you will start to know the boy. Let the conversation be about him. Ask interesting questions. Some good topics are:

What’s up? (conversation starter)
Crushes. It’s good to get him thinking about it if you are in love with him.
Dreams and goals.
Favorite date places. You better consider this if you are going to ask him out!
Friends and family.
Sports. Only talk about this if you have a potential interest in it.

, Stroking his hand through his hair? That might mean he like you. Reaching his hand for yours? He might like you-more than friends. Laughing at your every joke? This can be a good sign. He might like you. But if he laughs too much, he may feel uneasy with you. Watch his actions and let him know you want to start a relationship (dating or friends) with your actions too. See his reply, and don’t forget to check his actions.

, The most important parts to look at are if he smiles or not, and his eyes. Don’t just focus on how cute his eyes look, but see if you can tell how he is feeling. Boys, like girls, smile when they are pleased too. They have their facial expressions like girls so it shouldn’t be hard.

, Some other male relative will do too. Ask them why boys do this or boys do that. They might have some great answers! After all, they are talking about their own kind!

, This will take some practice. The best way to ask is to do it casually. When there is an awkward moment of silence, take a breath and ask! He might say yes, or sadly, no. 50% chance. If he says sure, say “Okay, I’ll see you there” and leave. No? Just say “Okay, that’s cool.” Practice a few times in front of a mirror (especially if it’s your first time) and don’t forget to consider these things:

What will you do at the date? “So, wanna __________ next Saturday?”
When will the date happen? “So, wanna catch a movie on/next ____________?”
The tone of your voice. Say it cool and casually. Don’t seem to make a big deal out of it.
Smile! Smiling looks attractive and will keep you in a positive mood. Laugh too! Do not force your smiles and laughter.

, Talk to him. Don’t flirt. No complimenting muscles for example. The more you talk to him the more he will get to know you and feel more comfortable with you. Ask him questions and share some of your experiences and memories.

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