How to Undergo Carrier Genetic Screenings



Ask your insurance company if the procedure is covered.,
Locate a testing center.,
Give a blood or saliva sample.

Some American insurance companies consider genetic screening part of prenatal care, but others consider it optional. Call your health insurance company and find out whether or not they cover carrier genetic screening. If so, it may be free for you. If not, the out of pocket cost may be several hundred dollars.The cost and availability of screenings may vary by country. Ask your doctor or insurance company for details about cost and payment options.

, Most likely, your doctor or OB/GYN can perform the test in their office.If not, they will probably be familiar with local professionals who can perform the screening. Ask for suggestions; they may even provide a referral.

Medical Genetics programs also offer carrier screenings. Some companies offer mail-order services. Because of the risk of user error, it’s better to get the test done by a professional. The results should always be read by a trained medical professional.

, The test itself is relatively simple, easy, and painless. You will be asked to give a sample of blood or saliva. Your genes will be evaluated from this sample.You will get results in about 2 weeks.

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