How to Turn Down a Boy when He Asks You Out



Ask him why he’s interested in you.,
Watch how they act when they tell you why they’re interested in you.,
If he is a really genuine person imagine you are in his shoes.,
Calmly and gently say that you are really sorry, but you don’t see him in that way.,
Apologize for leading him on or giving him signs, even if you didn’t notice or mean to.

Wait for his reply.,
Change the subject, where possible, and try to act like it hasn’t happened.,
Imagine you are the boy… it probably took a good while for him to build up the courage to ask you out.

You can always tell him that you are flattered that he asked you out, but that you’re not interested in pursuing something romantic with him.

There are boys in this world who just want you for your beauty, and body or because they want to be well known. Not because you’re kind or smart or independent or brave or strong or courageous and etc. If it’s all for the wrong reasons then politely tell him you’re not interested in being in a relationship with them.;
, Some may act nervous and fidgety because they’re lying or because they feel like they’re a stalker for noticing all this. If they laugh and act like it’s a joke then it’s probably because they’re not serious or they think it’s romantic. You can usually tell the difference.

, You can’t really say no and not hurt him, but if you do it gently you can remain friends.

, Explain that you prefer him more as just a friend(if he was a friend), but you are flattered.

,, Hopefully, he will react well and ask if you can still be friends, or something like that. If his reaction is sadness, try to console him and tell him that you are always there as a friend – but avoid physical contact as this could exasperate him further. If his reaction is anger and he gets violent or aggressive, just give him a sympathetic look and say “I’m sorry” and walk away from him as causally and as fast as you can. Or if you’re lucky and a friend happens to near by call them out and start a conversation and act really interested with while leaving him like your friend is telling you something very interesting and amusing.

, Probably talk about all the things you look for in a guy and what you don’t like. And if you want to avoid him asking you out for a while(or ever) just causally say “I’m not really interested in going out right now. I would like to just be friends first before taking things up a notch” or just simply “I’m not interested in going out right now.”


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