How to Turn a Friend Into a Lover



Initiate physical contact cautiously.,
Take physical intimacy slow.,
Don’t overdo it.,
Be patient.

Most friends touch in some way, but if you’re interested in more, you can start by slowly increasing – or changing – the type of physical contact you have. You’re probably the best judge of what type of contact your friend will be comfortable with, and you’ll also know what level of physical contact already exists between you.

Try placing your head on their shoulder while you sit next to them. If they don’t move away, or if they put an arm around you, this is probably a pretty good sign that they’re interested in more than friendship, too.If your friend tenses up or otherwise signals that they are not comfortable with increased contact, draw back immediately. Aside from possibly ruining your friendship, unwanted physical contact is inappropriate.

, If things seem to be progressing well, there will probably come a point when you want to turn your friendship into a more physically intimate relationship. You should take transitioning from a friendship to a physically intimate relationship slowly.

Talk often about the level of intimacy you are both comfortable with and do so before you transition to a different level of intimacy. For example, you can say something like “I’ve been feeling like I’d like to kiss you – is that okay?” Respect their response.
It’s also perfectly acceptable for you to be the one to slow things down, even if you initiated the change in relationship.

, You should demonstrate your feelings, but you also don’t want to smother your friend with your attempts to take your relationship to the next level. Strike a balance between being available and keeping your distance.Being available and willing to do anything and everything your friend asks might make your friend like you, but it won’t necessarily increase their desire for you. Surprising your friend occasionally with thoughtful gestures but also occasionally limiting the amount of time you spend with them sets up the perfect balance of satisfaction and tension.
In other words, it’s okay to play a little hard to get., A healthy romantic relationship takes time to develop, even if it doesn’t start platonically. When you’re trying to turn friendship into romance, it can really take time for that transformation to be complete. Be patient.

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