How to Turn a Friend Into a Lover



Take the lead.,
Demonstrate your feelings.,
Do something new together.

If you have feelings for a friend, you can start changing the relationship by taking the lead in changing your behavior. So don’t just wait around, expecting them to make the first move. Initiate a conversation or ask your friend on a date. If you want to transform your friendship into something more, you’ll have to take the lead on changing that relationship., In a healthy friendship, people demonstrate that they care about one another in a lot of different ways, but if you’re trying to move past friendship, you’ll have to demonstrate the fact that you’re feeling new feelings.

You can demonstrate your feelings by writing a note or a card, or buying your friend an unexpected gift with a note that says “this reminded me of you.”
You can also just ask your friend what you can do to make them feel loved or appreciated. This indicates that you’re looking for ways to take the relationship to the next level without having to have a direct conversation., One of the easiest ways to change your behavior and demonstrate to your friend that you’d like something more is to flirt. Compliment their clothes, or their hair, or the way they do something – sing, speak, play an instrument. Tell them they look handsome or pretty. They should get the message pretty quickly that you’re interested in being more than friends.You can say something like “I really love the way that shirt looks on you – it brings out the color of your beautiful eyes.”
You can also say something like “I could listen to you play guitar all day long. It melts my heart.”

, If you want to change your behavior and change your relationship, you can’t rely on the same things you’ve always done together. Suggest a new restaurant – maybe something with candlelight! – or pick a new spot for drinks.You can invite them to drinks by saying “There’s a new bar downtown – it seems like a sort of romantic place. I know it’s not what we usually do, but I thought we could change things up a bit.”
You can also invite them to do something you don’t normally do, like going for a walk, by saying “I was wondering you wanted to go for a walk with me. It’ll give us a chance to just talk and be alone.”

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