How to Trim Goat Hooves



Gather your materials.,
Soften the hooves.,
Restrain the goat.,
Clean the hooves.

Before you begin the trimming process, make sure you have all your materials ready. Goats may dislike having their hooves trimmed. It may be difficult to grab brushes and clippers if your goat is agitated.

You will need a brush to dust off the goat’s foot before trimming. You will also need something called a rasp, which you can purchase online or at a livestock store, which you can use to flatten out the hooves so they’re level to the ground.You will need gloves to handle the goat’s hooves. Goats feet can get messy.You will need two different types of clippers: hoof shears and a hoof knife. Both should be sharpened.While optional, it’s a good idea to have blood stop powder. If you accidentally cut too deep, your goat’s hoof may bleed slightly and require treatment. You can buy hoof stop powder at a local livestock or hardware store.;
, It’s much easier to trim a goat’s hooves when they’re soft. If possible, trim your goat’s hooves after a rain or snow fall. Rain and snow naturally soften a goat’s hooves. If you live in an area where rain or snow is unlikely, try dampening some grass with a hose. Allow your goats to play in this portion of the yard., To begin the trimming process, you will first need to restrain your goat. How you choose to restrain your goat depends on his temperament.

You can place your goat on a milking stand if he’s generally docile and unlikely to kick or fall off. This makes it easier to reach your goat’s hooves.If your goat is fidgety, or if you do not have a milking stand, you can also tie your goat to a post or fence. It may be helpful to have someone hold your goat as you lift his feet to trim and clean them., Once your goat is adequately restrained, you should clean his hooves. It can be hard to tell where to trim if your goat’s hooves are covered in dirt and grime.

Use your brush to dust any dirt off the exterior of the hooves. Any manure, dirt, or grime should be removed regularly.Next, lift each hoof up and pick out any rocks, dirt, and mud trapped inside the hoof. It’s vital to remove such debris as such materials can obscure your vision. This can make it difficult to see where you’re trimming.

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